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Implications of the abandonment laws, adoption financial incentives, and language tangles

The financial landscape of adoption itself has changed greatly over the past 30 years here in the U.S.. It is important to study for example, what the implications of the new subsidies and tax breaks will be in relation to the legalized child abandonment laws. Through those past few decades a number of initiatives both […]

Maryland- 3 adopted daughters; 1 beaten, 2 dead, frozen in freezer for 7 months

By way of the Washington Post article, Calvert Woman Arrested in Deaths of Two Children: Authorities said they found what appeared to be the bodies of two children in a “drop-in” freezer Saturday in the basement of Renee Bowman’s home on Buckskin Trail in Lusby. Sheriff’s deputies had been searching the house for evidence in […]

Nebraska Dump Law, just how deep does this rabbit hole go?

(This is the second posting I’ve done about the babydump law in Nebraska. This post builds on the foundation I laid out in my first post, SHAME on Nebraska!- When ‘we told you so,’ barely begins to scratch the surface. I strongly urge readers to read it first before continuing on to this post.) *** […]