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Texas Action Alert- calls and letters needed ASAP! Oppose SB 499/HB 4470

See the Bastard Nation Action Alert- BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT– NO ON TEXAS: SB 499/HB 4470 for details. Texas Action Alert- Emergency Texas Senate Bill 499 & Companion House Bill 4470 We have an emergency in the Texas State Legislature. Probably one of the worst combination of so-called “adoptee rights bills” in history are on […]

Action Alert- oppose the Ohio legalized child abandonment law “age up,” contact Governor Strickland *ASAP!*

Earlier this week, Ohio lame duck legislators in the rush to pass bills before the end of their terms passed an “aging up” dump bill expansion from Ohio’s current 72 hours to what would be a new 30 day limit. Between both the Ohio House and Senate there was but one sole dissenting vote cast […]