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New Jersey BN ACTION ALERT: Support Adoptee Rights for All, Not Privilege for Some. Tell Gov. Christie to Veto A1406

Please Distribute Freely BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT Support adoptee rights for all, not privilege for some Write New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today Ask him to veto A1406/1399/S699 A1406/1399/S699 is on its way to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for signing. Gov. Christie’s views on the bill are unknown. Please take a few minutes to […]

NJ-CARE & its allies work to screw New Jersey adoptees and abandoned children for generations to come

Mourning Dress and Hat – 1870s (Owned by Obscura Antiques & Oddities of New York City) via 19th Century Post Today, I’m feeling very Casandra. I shouldn’t have to blog this, I’ve written it all before, over and over again. Today’s events are everything I’ve continually warned of year in and year out. NJ-CARE’s short […]

Missouri HB 351: Bastard Nation Submitted Testimony – OPPOSE

Bastard Nation’s Testimony in Opposition to Missouri HB 351, posted yesterday: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Missouri HB 351: Bastard Nation Submitted Testimony – OPPOSE Tuesday, the Missouri Senate Health, Mental Health, Seniors, and Families Committee held a hearing on it’s greatly flawed SB 351. (text, status/history) Bastard Nation, through our long-time member Carla McBrine as […]

Texas: Bastard Nation Testimony in Opposition to SB 287

Bastard Nation‘s Testimony in Opposition to Texas SB 287, posted yesterday to the BN blog: Monday, March 21, 2011 Texas: Bastard Nation Testimony in Opposition to SB 287 Tomorrow the Texas Senate Jurisprudence Committee will hold a hearing on SB 287, the newest attempt by legislators to torture that state’s Class Bastard. There are more […]

Up next on DMC’s “adoptee rights” agenda: “Kidnapping”

While there is obviously MUCH to be written about many of the personalities who will be appearing at the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute’s (EBD’s) event at the Hard Rock cafe in Times Square tomorrow, as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is being featured so prominently, it is perhaps important to take a moment to listen to […]

Guest blog- He’s Not “Legit:” Adam Pertman’s adoption marketing is an ongoing threat to human rights

Today’s post is a special guest blog written by my partner, Mike Doughney, originally posted to his personal blog. Just to clarify, Mike is not an adopted person. He often describes his relationship to adoption as “Sleeps with Bastard.” I think it’s really bad form to start off a post with a dictionary definition, but […]

Adoption Pentagon- terminology

Over the course of this blogging, I’ve had to rework or outright create new pieces of language to describe concepts core to the Bastard experience. As with any human rights political movement, Bastards often find themselves confined and defined by language no rooted in their own perceptions of the world around them. Constructing new and […]

*Updated* Important information regarding Oregon HB 2843

Yes, there is a bill in Oregon that if passed would gut the previous human rights victory that was Measure 58, effectively undermining the adoptee equality we fought so hard to achieve. That said, take a deep breath, and don’t panic. First of all, please read across to Bastardette’s blog post- Oregon HB 2843: Hold […]

Connecticut: Bastard Nation’s Letter in Opposition to HB 890

Monday, February 07, 2011 Connecticut: Bastard Nation’s Letter in Opposition to HB 890 Connecticut currently has two OBC access bills in the hopper. The first, HB 65 is a placeholder which has yet to be written. The second is HB 890 which would open OBCs prospectively for adoptees 21 years old and older adopted after […]

A note on the Bastard condition and authentic remedies

By way of a morning after comment, on my post last night, A few preliminary notes on the attempted cooptation of the adoptee rights movement by Mr. Pertman and the EBD, I realize that while certainly implied throughout, I’ve failed to mention how Mr. Pertman’s work completely fails to take into account any concept of […]