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Masha II

This is the second in what will undoubtedly be a number of posts pertaining to Masha and the situations she has endured, and to the best of my knowledge is currently enduring. The first post I did, similar to this one, points to others’ writings by means of getting the information out as when I […]


This is yet another of those many ‘coming in in the middle’ posts, that are so very Baby Love Child. While I’ve been carefully watching the unfolding of this saga, this is the first I’ve blogged it. The story of Masha Allen is emblematic of so much of the core of what’s wrong with adoption, […]

Russian adoptees & an “Adoption Blogger Day” Ah, how special!

Перевести на русский These are Russian children, each adopted by Americans: DAVID POLREIS, JR (birth name unknown) LOGAN HIGGINBOTHAM (birth name unknown) VIKTOR MATTHEY, born Viktor Sergeivich Tulimov LUKE EVANS, (birth name unknown) JACOB LINDORFF, (birth name unknown) JESSICA ALBINA HAGMANN (birth name unknown) ZACHARY HIGIER (born Nikita Khoryakovont) MARIA ANASTASIA BENNETT, (birth name unknown) […]

Russia suspends American adoptions, the adoption industry tries to pretend the Artem’s case is not part of a broader pattern

Перевести на русский The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. Obviously events are unfolding more quickly than even those who update far more often than I can keep up with, let alone my little blog. The big news tonight is that Russia has put a freeze on all US adoptions until Russia and the […]

Russia opens an investigation into Dmitry’s death and the Harrison acquittal

If you are searching for general information about the case and the verdict please see my earlier overview post entitled No, no justice for Dmitry. *** Перевести на русский *** This post is an update to an ongoing series of posts I have made about the death of Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison and the agency that […]