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Adoption is absolutely a Feminist “issue”/an “issue” Feminists must face

In response to a post at Feministe, Adoption as a Feminist Issue, I threw in my .02 worth: (As there was a request to limit the number of links in replies, the version of the below on Feministe contains only 3 links, this represents a vastly expanded version with citations for my readership.) I’ve actually […]

Welcome to India President Obama. NOW, can we finally talk adoptee deportations?

Meet Jennifer Haynes, born in India, she was  adopted at age 7 by an American, Edward Hancox. She was brought to the United States by two unknown adults who accompanied her on the overseas flight. At the time of the adoption, the agency that handled her case Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA) failed […]

Costa Rica to legalize in vitro fertilization, human rights, lack thereof, and some contemplations

Until now, Costa Rica had been one of  only 43 countries where in vitro fertilization was illegal. See Costa Rica Seeks In Vitro Compromise. As there is little regulation of this industry and standards vary wildly reproductive tourism has been the result, with infertile couples researching and then crossing borders to buy what services and […]

Today’s Suspension of Adoptions of *Abandoned* Children in Nepal

Another day, another closure due to an ongoing pattern of falsified documents. Today the U.S. closed off adoptions of children classified as “abandoned” or foundlings in Nepal after finding an ongoing pattern in previous American adoptions of children labeled “abandoned in Nepal, the “documents presented in support of the abandonment of these children in Nepal […]

Russian adoptees & an “Adoption Blogger Day” Ah, how special!

Перевести на русский These are Russian children, each adopted by Americans: DAVID POLREIS, JR (birth name unknown) LOGAN HIGGINBOTHAM (birth name unknown) VIKTOR MATTHEY, born Viktor Sergeivich Tulimov LUKE EVANS, (birth name unknown) JACOB LINDORFF, (birth name unknown) JESSICA ALBINA HAGMANN (birth name unknown) ZACHARY HIGIER (born Nikita Khoryakovont) MARIA ANASTASIA BENNETT, (birth name unknown) […]

The Adoptees of Color Roundtable Statement on Haiti and the Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora Statement coming Tues.

The Adoptees of Color Roundtable‘s Statement on Haiti has come out, culminating in: All adoptions from Haiti must be stopped and all efforts to help children be refocused on giving aid to organizations working toward family reunification and caring for children in their own communities. I absolutely support and personally endorse their statement. It must be […]

Haiti, and the constant drumbeat of the demand for children

First go to Bastard Nation’s statement- BASTARD NATION STATEMENT ON HAITIAN ADOPTIONS AND “BABYLIFTS” It says much of what I need to, although far more eloquently and concisely than I ever could. It’s a stunning statement, that speaks to the core of how we’re dealing with a corrupted and broken system long before the quake […]

Privacy and consent; early notes, appropriate uses and co-optations of the terms – part I – Introduction

These posts are going to try to begin to address some of my underlying assumptions about how these concepts both do and do not inter-relate with the adoption field. They are backgrounder, or basic building block concept posts that underlie a fair amount of my writing, and will probably be referred to from time to […]

Dmitry’s Death and Miles Harrison’s Acquittal- part III, The Adoption Industry waits with bated breath

If you are searching for general information about the case and the verdict please see my earlier overview post entitled No, no justice for Dmitry. *** Перевести на русский *** This post is an update to an ongoing series of posts I have made about the death of Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison and the agency that […]

Vietnam- the Sept. 1 deadline and the demand for a new intercountry agreement amidst a landscape of fraud

September first, the bilateral inter-country agreement between Vietnam and the U.S. governing adoptions is set to expire. Barring the unforeseen, American adoptions from Vietnam will once again be suspended. While this has garnered a great deal of attention from those wishing to adopt from Vietnam, it has gotten surprisingly scant mention from adoptee bloggers. I […]