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Veterans Day – Got Records?

Today, adoptees from all but 6 states are still barred from accessing their state confiscated original birth certificates. I have no interest in reinventing the wheel. So I just scanned this Bastard Nation flyer from the back of my copy of the Basic Bastard. ‘Nuff said.

Survivors of the Magdalene Asylums/Laundries demand National Inquiry

There has been a lot of news out of Ireland as of late pertaining to adoptions that I haven’t gotten to blogging (Against Child Trafficking’s Ireland page has lots of coverage), but today I’m just going to make a short post about this latest call for an Inquiry into the Magdalene Laundries/Asylums. These institutions around […]

More important reads from this week’s #NAdoptAM blogshelf

As I promised, a few of my posts this month will be used to point to other blogger’s important work . Tonight’s post will be brief, but the links herein will all be well worth your time. 1. For starters, Kerry at Niels over on Pound Pup Legacy have written one of the more important […]

Your “orphans” aren’t; the rise of the “orphan” industry based on a lie

November is the time of year when Bastards and (original) Families get it with both barrels. Those who prefer the “adoption” language take up every square inch of media real estate with National Adoption Month. (What began with a focus on foster kids and has shifted towards the adoption industry’s marketing of infant adoptions) and […]

Welcome to India President Obama. NOW, can we finally talk adoptee deportations?

Meet Jennifer Haynes, born in India, she was  adopted at age 7 by an American, Edward Hancox. She was brought to the United States by two unknown adults who accompanied her on the overseas flight. At the time of the adoption, the agency that handled her case Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA) failed […]

Let your words and actions speak loud and clear & hashtag it #NAdoptAM in November

It’s (the industry declared) “National Adoption Awareness Month” again. We Bastards and (original) families have little choice but to be “aware” of adoption and our adopted status every day of the year,  but it’s long overdue we bring some of our kind of “awareness” to the industry’s adoption marketing attempts. Thus for the month of […]

Outflow- the United States as an adoption “sending country,” (while adoption imports near 6 year low)

The adoption industry has such quaint terminology for the import and export of children via adoption. Countries that primarily export children are labeled “sending countries.” Whereas countries where importing is the predominant mode are labeled “receiving countries.” The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University has done a wonderful interactive map visually explaining such. […]

Haiti- Tomas approaches

I don’t have a lot to say right now. Tomas is bearing down on Haiti and while it’s not the absolute worst case scenario, even a Tropical Storm or Cat 1 stands to be horrible enough. This is going to be bad. Haiti’s million plus living under tarps and in tents face the additional pressure […]

Two thoughtful and important reads very pertinent to National Adoption Awareness Month

These two links represent some very thoughtful analysis, placing adoption into it’s rightful broader context in relation to power, closed door secrecy, and well monied corporate interests. First up, Bastardette has done a strong piece that isn’t about adoption except when it is: Columbus Issue 12: Secrets = “More Information” (Not about adoption, but it […]

Foster care and identity theft: kids credit scores decimated before they can even age out

Alright, so it being “National Adoption Awareness Month,” the adoption  industry wants to utilize kids in Foster Care as a ‘justification’ to do their month long adoption marketing spree, often centered on infant adoption or inter-country adoption. Fine, you wanna talk foster kids? Let’s talk about some of the realities foster kids face, such as […]