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Masha II

This is the second in what will undoubtedly be a number of posts pertaining to Masha and the situations she has endured, and to the best of my knowledge is currently enduring.

The first post I did, similar to this one, points to others’ writings by means of getting the information out as when I wrote that first post, Masha, I had not found the words to even begin to express my sorrow and my anger. In any case, if you haven’t already read the initial post, or if you need ‘reminding’ of the core basics about the nightmare she’s been through, go there first.


By way of a second post about Masha, let me just state the obvious, I still haven’t begun to find the words necessary to write the post that really should occupy this space.

The more I learn about her circumstances and the individuals and infrastructure (State or otherwise) surrounding her, particularly in relation to this domestic adoption travesty, is the more sickened I become. She has been used by so many people, in so many ways.


* being adopted/sold into sexual slavery,

* being starved, photographed, and the photographs being made available all over the web,

* the high profile FBI raid that removed her from Matthew Mancuso,

* testifying before congress as part of the creation of “Masha’s law” which was of course about “net child porn” not about the adoption by the pedophile into a house wherein she did not even have a room of her own (yeah great homestudy there assholes!),

off she went into a domestic, “faith-based” adoption nightmare scenario, by way of a nutso judge who had delusions of herself enacting the role of a sort of instrument in the hand of god. The adoption, naturally then was chalked up to “divine orchestration“, (never mind pesky details such as the conflict of interest ongoing pre-existing friendship betwixt the judge and the would be adopter.)

As for the (domestic) “faith-based” adoption, Judge Allen (a former Democrat turned Republican, over “a difference in principles,”) has certainly gained in notoriety by her association with Masha’s adoption. Her work on the bench is apparently an extension of her ‘kingdom’ work. Reading over this Google cached copy of her bio from her campaign gives one a pretty good feel for her. Be sure to explore some of the associations, such as her sitting of organizational boards of “faith based” junk psuedo-therapies such as Theotherapy Seminars, Inc (the founder of which thinks ” good theology is good psychology.”) Judge Allen connected Masha’s future domestic adopter, “Faith Allen” to “counseling” through Theotherapy.

Which brings us to the adopter herself, “Faith Allen”/”Lynn Ginn”/”Kimberly Murphy” (and potentially going by other names, she’s) is a story unto herself. She, like a number of other christian autobiographical re-creationist nomads of ‘satanic panic’ fame (Eric Pryor as but one screwed up example comes to mind), has her own little bout of ‘personal testimony enhancement’. Despite later recantings of portions of her story, her claim to fame, prior to her getting being awarded Masha, had been running around claiming she was a so called ‘satanic cult survivor’,

Faith claims to have grown up in a satanic cult. She says she drank human blood; was pregnant by one of the leaders of the cult; she killed the baby as a sacrifice; and she had sexual relations with other men in the cult.

Now does this sounds like a nice solid “stable home” for Masha in the wake of enduring five years of sexual abuse at the hands of Mancuso? Perhaps even more importantly does this sound like the kind of ‘help’ Masha needed in the wake of her previous ordeal?

“Faith” (or whatever name she’s going by this week,) viewed Masha as both an opportunity to ‘minister to’ and a ‘ministry opportunity’, parlaying her adoption of Masha into national (junk-voyeur) tv appearances such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and Nancy Grace. Masha has been her ticket.

Back at the end of July, James Marsh began a new blog, simply putting forwards some of the raw documentation relating to Masha, entitled Omens. Marley/Bastardette did a blog post introduction to it here, OMENS: A MASHA ALLEN COMPENDIUM OF ABUSE. Her characterization of Masha and the adoptions she has endured,

I call Masha the Rosetta Stone of corrupt international adoption–and now domestic adoption.

may be the best description of the ongoing catastrophe I’ve seen.

Just go read the raw entries on Omens, the paper trail says more than I ever could. (Which is not to say I personally endorse or agree with every single thing there, but there certainly is more than enough to mine raw data out of, and lots of potential ledes to follow up on lying around in that data.)

The picture that quickly emerges is horrifying. Far from giving her support and any semblance of ‘normacy’ in the wake of her time being brutally used by Mancuso, she has instead been handed off to yet another incredibly fucked up set of circumstances. Nowhere in ‘the system’ have we seen anyone looking out for Masha’s genuine ‘best interests’, just what they could use her for; utilizing her as an object to leap frog over as a means to buttressing their own career and personal interests.

With not one, but now two, adopters like these, she can’t turn 18 fast enough.

Masha, wherever you are, I hope you make it out.

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  1. Speaking of Faith Says:

    Now well into her FOURTH “fresh start”, Kimberly-Lynn-Faith borrows from one of her middle name’s – Elizabeth – and the word of God – Psalm – to become Liz Psalm:

    Are those bubbles she’s blowing?

    And is that a toga?

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