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Your “orphans” aren’t; the rise of the “orphan” industry based on a lie

November is the time of year when Bastards and (original) Families get it with both barrels. Those who prefer the “adoption” language take up every square inch of media real estate with National Adoption Month. (What began with a focus on foster kids and has shifted towards the adoption industry’s marketing of infant adoptions) and […]

Orphan- there’s something wrong with adoptionland’s desire to project its crap

It’s taken me up until opening day, but of course, I’ve got something to say about Orphan, just not what you might expect. I actually wasn’t planning on blogging about it, but in light of some of the lunacy campaigning surrounding the movie, I figured another Bastard voice tossed into the fray might not be […]

Well, someone had to be the first to blog “baby trader magazine!”

It might as well be me. So we pause for some Saturday morning cartoons by way of a co-production out of Canada and the UK (fear not, we’re still fully in the land o’-adoption.) After all, even grown up Bastards can still enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons and games with a bowl of fruit loops […]