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News- Baby Selling in Vietnam reaches the point where even the US Embassy balks

Last Thursday, (April 24th) an AP story ‘went out on the wires’: AP Exclusive: US Alleges Baby Selling in Vietnam. Adoption from Vietnam has of course had a long and troubled history, this latest step is only one of many in an ongoing saga. US adoptions from Vietnam had previously been stopped between 2003 and […]

News: an estimated 408 foreign kids go missing in Britain, most may have been trafficked

First of all, many thanks to Kippa Herring on the adult adoptees forum for providing the information and links here. A couple of news stories, first from the Guardian UK: Lost 400 children may have been trafficked into sex or drugs trade. More than 400 foreign children, many suspected of being trafficked into the sex […]

News- Prison for child’s death

Turning to local news, Samuel and Donna Merryman are finally off to jail for starving the son they adopted from Russia to death. Clearly, their “deep faith” was no obstacle to torturing and starving Dennis (born Dennis Uritsky): (Quoting from this Baltimore Sun article, Prison for Child’s Death) “Dennis died in January 2005. Photos taken […]

News- Even child custody messes are bigger in Texas

(photo- Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press) Not sure how many adoption related blogs are touching on the mess in Texas at the moment, but I thought I’d at least pull some of the bones out of the steaming piles of coverage for contemplation- Down in this CNN piece, Photos show police well-equipped for polygamist raid from last […]

News- ‘Forever Family’ six feet under

So it’s taken me about a week to finally get to blogging about the murders in Iowa. I’m angry and disgusted, and left with more questions than answers. By way of backgrounder, Steve Sueppel, a former VP of Hills Bank and Trust (one of Iowa’s largest locally-owned banks) was under indictment on federal embezzlement and […]

News- “Sonny Skyhawk turns the table on Indian cinema”

(Perhaps a topic some may feel is not directly “adoption related” but I at least find it pertinent.) Go read this article- “Sonny Skyhawk turns the table on Indian cinema“. No, I am not saying Bastards removed at times forceably from (familial and other) context by governmental intrusion are akin to the intentional campaign and […]

News- Calif. boy declared dead; murder charge filed

To quote from this article: Prosecutors on Thursday charged a 14-year-old boy with attempted murder and said he committed a hate crime in the classroom shooting of an eighth-grader who was declared brain dead. Prosecutors would not say why they filed a hate-crime enhancement with the attempted murder count, but several classmates said the 15-year-old […]

News- Vancouver Sun piece on stolen children from the late 60’s

A recent excellent piece from the (Canadian) Vancouver Sun on some of the tactics used to ensure womyn would not search; tell them the infant died, then put it up for adoption. The other angle on this, and one of the many fairy tales Bastards are commonly told to prevent us from searching are the […]

Ah, Adoption, land of sweetness and light, all teddy bears and candy, right?

Some days it’s just too horrific to even blog. Thus, I begin “News”. This is the new tag I’m going to be using from time to time, you know, like when words simply fail me. Or when I’m too busy, or disenchanted, or furious to actually blog, but media stories go by that are certainly […]