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Adoptive Columbine tragedy: rescued 6 yr old Adopted Boy “severely malnourished” and abused

Christine Arnold & Randal Arnold, adoptive parents of an unnamed 6 year old boy stand accused of abusing the child they adopted from foster care to the point of severe starvation and marks “all over his body.” When he was finally rescued back on September 17th at 6 years old, the boy weighed a mere […]

News- A few final June articles relating to Lisa Novak and the Claar foundation

Just a belated brief round up of three more articles relating to the upcoming Lisa Novak trial. Those unfamilar with Novak and Claar will want to explore my earlier writings about the coverage to date to get up to speed. Novak faces another felony June 17th, ’08 Daily Camera Novak pleads not guilty June 20th, […]

News- “International Adoptions Lead to Broken Dreams”

I wanted to point readers at an article from last month’s Denver Post- International adoptions lead to broken dreams (June 18th, 08.) The article uses the backdrop of the Lisa Novak and Claar Foundation trial to talk about broader trends in international adoption, the changing nature of the adoption industry, and contains a number of […]

News- Several more stories on Lisa Novak and Claar Foundation

(Just a micro backgrounder post on some of the older stories on Lisa Novak.) A timeline of articles (12 stories linked, dates range from February 17th- June 2nd) and two earlier stories on Lisa Novak’s arrest: Ex-Erie trustee arrested in adoption agency probe March 27, 08 Police arrest former adoption agency owner March 27, 08

Claar Foundation and Lisa Novak

I first made mention of Claar and Novak in my May 7th entry, News- Adoption agencies under fire (Colorado) without going into much detail. By way of introduction, I’ll quote the article I was blogging at the time: (Speaking of the few CO agencies that actually bothered to report employee salaries to the state audit,) […]

News- Adoption agencies under fire (Colorado)

Yesterday’s Denver Post carried a warning (in the consumer protection model) about Colorado adoption agencies entitled “Adoption agencies under fire.” Nearly half the international adoption agencies in Colorado are losing money, five are at risk due to debt and one has generated so many complaints that state officials warned potential clients that they might want […]