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ARD- Another from the “I hate being right” category- the ‘messaging’ disaster

Mere days ago, two to be exact, I said the following in this post, ARD- This morning’s Adoptee Rights Demonstration webpage update and what the loss of BN means, speaking of the current state of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration with the mostly new set of organizers going forward (I’ll quote at length because it has […]

News- 17 year-old sibling charged with Enna’s death *UPDATED 8am

New readers should first look to my earlier coverage on Enna’s story for a basic backgrounder:Enna, oh Enna! aka When animals outweigh a dead Guatemalan ‘adoptee’. 5/24/08 and Enna & her ’siblings’, where did they all come from? 6/3/08 Yesterday afternoon (6/6/08) news of the older sister being charged in Enna’s death back on May […]