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Arkansas- Judge strikes down Queer and unmarried cohabiting couples foster and adoption ban last Friday

Major new developments unfolded at the end of last week in relation to Arkansas’ ban on Queer and unmarried cohabiting couples prospects of becoming foster or adoptive parents. I’ve been blogging about the situation in Arkansas for some time now. First see my earlier posts: Sewing the scarlet “b”- California’s newest bastards, and other abysmal […]

GLASS- First licensed Queer adoption agency in the U.S. declares bankruptcy

(Photo Queerty) Well, I was on the verge of getting part II of my current series finished up when I noted a story perhaps a bit more pressing to blog about. Let’s take a pause from our usual ongoing cavalcade of healthy white newborn obsessed procurement industry twists and turns to look instead at one […]

Once again Bastardette picks apart the conflations and reveals the anti-autonomist core

(Yeah I know, long time no blogging. I’ve had good reasons.) * Just a real quick post tonight urging readers to head on over and read Bastardette’s James Dobson Cries Me a River. She’s done a great job of picking apart some of the intentional conflations. Healthy White Infants (HWIs) being lumped in linguistically with […]