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News- a rare profile of 3 Mexican (original) mothers behind sold and stolen American adoptees

I wanted to point readers at an important article from last month profiling the circumstances and desperate need for money three Mexican womyn faced, ultimately leading to their children’s adoption in the U.S.. If adoption can so often be reduced to supply and demand, these are the circumstances from which a ‘supply’ of children come […]

News- Yet more in the Guatemala saga

The AP has a new piece out today about the annulment of 15 (so far) of the 2286 adoptions under review, roughly 10% of the 160 that have been investigated to date. Guatemala annulls 15 adoption cases What I found most concerning was this- The babies whose cases have been annulled will be put in […]

News- Baby Selling in Vietnam reaches the point where even the US Embassy balks

Last Thursday, (April 24th) an AP story ‘went out on the wires’: AP Exclusive: US Alleges Baby Selling in Vietnam. Adoption from Vietnam has of course had a long and troubled history, this latest step is only one of many in an ongoing saga. US adoptions from Vietnam had previously been stopped between 2003 and […]