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On the passing of B.J. Lifton

This is the post I don’t want to have to write. Roughly two days ago B.J. Lifton passed away. I’ve been grappling with what to say and how to say it ever since. More to the point though, I’ve been stewing on this post since the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture (ASAC) […]

“National Adoption Day:” a celebration of sealed records & inequality

Over roughly the past week 4,500 kids have been adopted as part of America’s hypernatalist “National Adoption Day” (“NAD”) rituals, the vast majority of them have also had their records permanently sealed. Each year this so called “National Adoption Month” (“NAM”) builds to a frenzied peak culminating in courtroom based media friendly spectacles of mass […]

National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part II

(This post is a continuation of National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part I) In part 1 I made mention of how NCFA attempts to market itself as merely an advocate for children and as not taking sides when it comes to a variety of key issues related to […]

National Council for Adoption celebrates 30 years of opposing adoptees’ human rights- part I

Tonight the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) has been living it up in style in Washington at their 30th anniversary gala. Their “Bow Tie and Pearls” gala at the Willard Hotel is a fundraiser schmooze and booze chance to rub elbows with politicians, agencies, and of course, major donors. The event is also somewhat of […]

Egg Donors aka “hens” face a lack of information and tracking & potentially fatal health risks

Women who donate eggs, what the assisted reproduction industry sometimes refers to as “hens” are often treated as unworthy of even so much as basic follow up in any kind of effort to establish the potential long term health risks to them. Here in the United States, recruited through various forms of advertising, particularly college […]

Encarnación Romero and the stealing of undocumented immigrants’ kids

Tonight’s brief post is another of these, ‘look over here where someone else has written something terribly important, I want you to read it’ posts. See Taking Babies from Undocumented Immigrants. I’m pointing at Jill’s post over on Feministe rather than the raw articles she links as I think her analysis is important, but be […]

Yet another “safe haven” failure, Newborn abandoned in Virginia

I don’t make a point of blogging all the various abandoned newborns articles that go by with regularity. This story is what might be considered somewhat regional to me, though, and it makes a good case study of how such child abandonments get used by others. Yesterday morning, a newborn was left outside a Catholic […]

Serial infanticides: the strange case of Michele G.M. Kalina

This is another post I’ve been trying to get to for some time now. I’ve been writing for years about hidden pregnancies, secret births, and how no matter what some of the “baby safe haven” law/legalized child abandonment advocates insist, there will always been some number of women who will never be reached by these […]

Patty Bigbee baby seller extraordinaire; but wait, it gets weirder, there’s more

This one’s almost too convoluted to even try to blog. I’m not even going to attempt to summarize it as this case is ALL about the details. So instead see, FDLE: Grandma in baby-sale case wanted to cheat daughter and Mom also arrested in baby-selling plot as but two of the many articles, news reports, […]

“Adopted” on the Black Market: the Cole Babies

Miami, 1927 The Miami Herald has done yet another strong piece on the fate of the Cole babies. See: The Cole babies: Years later, they search for identity: Illegally adopted at birth in Miami, a group of men and women set out to find their true identities. Instead, they found each other. Those termed “Cole […]