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Haiti. Cholera.

Sorrow, such deep sorrow. Sorrow because I pay attention, and I write what little I can get words around. Yet at the same time, I am angry. Usually, I have a great deal to say. Today, I almost feel done with words. (For the moment at least.) Every time I try to string words together […]

More Aboriginal kids in child-welfare in Canada now than at the height of the “residential schools”

I’ve barely scratched the surface of writing about the history of the residential schools and how First Nations peoples in both the United States and Canada have undergone generations worth of the  forcible removal of their children. See Adoption as a tool of cultural genocide, the “child grabs” Canadian First Nations peoples have endured, News- […]

Western Australia (WA) “apology” not a “start,” it’s being used as a substitute for genuine justice

This is another of those “coming in in the middle” sorts of posts. I’m not going to attempt to rehash the history of Mothers’ and Adoptees’ activism in Australia leading up to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Adoption Practices, which was a watershed event with global implications. Instead I’ll simply point readers at ONE particular […]

Americans demand the “pipeline” cases be rammed through, despite the Guatemalan adoption climate

At first glance, what might appear a bit of “good news,” America’s refusal to participate in the Guatemalan adoption pilot program, turns out to be just another call to “resolve” the so called “pipeline” cases. Essentially, the U.S. is saying regular imports of Guatemalan children will not resume until this backlog of cases from before […]

A compilation of Mississippi legalized child abandonment cases and “safe haven” failures

This post must first begin with an expression of gratitude, because this post itself is little more than a compilation of the work Bastardette has done over the course of years with some technical support (and formatting help) from my partner, thrown in for good measure. In the course of writing my post about the […]

In-Vitro Fertilization, “Snowflakes,” and the growing Christian Eugenic movement

I had hoped to get the Mississippi articles up this weekend, but as I’m still working with some of the pieces, I finish off the week with just a small post centering on IVF and tribalism. Earlier this month Robert Edwards won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine see In vitro pioneer wins Nobel Prize […]

First Nations peoples’ fight for their kids brought to the Iowa Commission on Native American Affairs

For some time now, I’ve been tracking and just barely beginning to write about the ongoing situation pertaining to First Nations children and the child “welfare” system. The situation in Iowa is something I’ve written about before, see First Nations peoples continue to decry the ongoing stealing of their children for adoption. There has been […]

Florida Queer Adoptions Post follow up, some theory, and some clarifications

By way of somewhat of a continuation of the discussion on my last post, Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies, I decided to pick up O Solo Mama‘s comments and write a post in response (as it was genuinely going to take a post to respond.) […]

Florida, Queer Adoptions, and the reek of George A. Rekers & a cast of cronies

Blognote- I’m still working with the Mississippi data, so I don’t have that post ready to go this evening. Instead, I’ll go on and write about the big news out of Florida and then hopefully come back to the second Mississippi post later on this weekend. So Tuesday’s major news was that the Florida Department […]

After almost a decade, Mississippi “safe haven” legalized child abandonment scheme still fails

Photo: Justin Lewis, WTVA Yesterday evening around 6pm, a recently born Hispanic baby boy was discovered, wrapped in a blanket and latched into a car seat left off at the Houston, Mississippi Salvation Army donations area. Abandoned newborn found in Houston (see video in right sidebar) Most things left at the back of the Salvation […]