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ARD related – my ‘Adult’ Adoptees posts are no longer available

For those of you who might be wondering what happened to my work over there;

In light of the recent trashing of Bastard Nation, Marley/Bastardette, and myself in the wake of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration on the Adult Adoptees forum, I have removed the over 40 posts there that were under my control (locked topics are of course not under the author’s control.) Essentially, I have removed my body of work from that site. Posts that started threads cannot be fully removed, but I have removed the text thereof.

I have not deleted my account.

One Response to “ARD related – my ‘Adult’ Adoptees posts are no longer available”

  1. joy Says:

    good news, you don’t have to delete your account, you have been relieved of your membership.

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