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Andrea Curry-Demus: Video and other articles

(Readers unfamiliar with my previous coverage on this story will want to start by clicking on my Andrea Curry-Demus tag and reading from the bottom up in order read along chronologically, oldest to newest.)

Andrea Curry-Demus is a womyn with a history of attempting to abduct other womyn’s children, one of her prior attempts she resorted to stabbing the child’s mother. She pled guilty (roughly) 17 years ago to aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. She was sentenced to 10 years’ probation.

Below are a few more resources to help understand this breaking story.

Start by checking out the video on the upper right hand side here on KDKA’s page, Police Find Body In Pa. Apartment After ‘Baby Buy’ Particularly these three pieces (search the video library if they are not readily found by the player):

Body Found in Baby Suspect’s Apartment, July 18th, ’08, 6:39pm EST

Medical Examiner Removes Body from Wilkinsburg Apt, July 18th, ’08, 10:11 pm EST

Two Families Await ID of Body Found in Wilkinsburg, July 18th, ’08, 10:14 pm EST

There are many new details in these pieces, the body found was that of a womyn, it was in an ‘advanced state of decomposition’ (suggesting she had died earlier in the week), an autopsy is scheduled for the body Saturday, etc.

Via ThePittsburghChannel.Com’s Wilkinsburg Woman Bought Newborn For $1,000 posted in the early hours of the 18th (12:12 a.m) we find a better photograph of Andrea:

We also learn of the anguish of two families waiting to learn whether or not the body of the womyn found dead in Curry-Demus’s apartment is their family member or not. See 2 Families Await ID Of Woman Found In Apartment (KDKA Jul 18, 2008 10:57 pm) (also see the video segment above):

As news spread about the case, two families who have not been in contact with their loved ones are worried.

“I’m her son’s grandmother – biological grandmother and I’ve been raising him since he was two years old and it’s just hard,” Lavenia Catunis said. “Her name is Tina Carter.”

Catunis says she’s praying. Her relative has 14 children and was pregnant with her 15th child.

“It’s very hard because I have no idea if it’s her yet. I have a grandson that I have to go home and tell this to,” Catunis said. “I don’t know what happened, I don’t know anything. I’m just really – just want it over.”

Lekieshia Banks hopes her cousin is safe.

“I just hope it ain’t her,” she said. “I just got to pray that it’s not her. I mean I’m sorry for the family that it is but my cousin’s name is Kia Johnson.”

Banks says her cousin, who was nine months pregnant, has been missing since Tuesday and has not contacted anyone.

The woman’s identity has not been released.

And finally we come to an AP article posted later in the evening on Friday (July 18th, ’08), Cops: Body at home of woman who claimed baby buy. Apparently the ‘other apartment’ police had searched Thursday was in the same building (the video above also confirms this):

Police visited the building Thursday night but did not go into that apartment, Coleman said. Instead, a relative of Curry-Demus led them to another apartment, she said.

Andrea Curr-Demus is described as having “a history of emotional problems”:

Earlier Friday, police said they were concerned that the infant’s real mother — described as a thin, black female in her 20s or 30s named Tina — might be in danger, or need medical attention.

The description was provided by Curry-Demus but authorities aren’t sure how reliable it is because she “has a history of emotional problems,” Coleman said earlier Friday.

Homicide detectives are now the authorities in charge of the investigation:

Allegheny County homicide detectives have taken over the investigation, but Allegheny County Police Assistant Superintendent James Morton declined to comment at the scene Friday night.

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