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Adoptee Rights Demonstration Call for Volunteers, Seeking March and Protest Monitors

This is one of several posts that I made private between May 31rst 2008 and July 22, 2008. (This represents the time period between my resigning from working on the Adoptee Rights Demonstration / Day for Adoptee Rights, (ARD / DAR) and it actually taking place in New Orleans.)

The piece below was originally posted May 28th, 2008.

I changed its status to public view with this disclaimer added July 22nd. Now that the event has passed I am restoring my earlier writings towards the purposes of restoring the historical record.

They were taken down as they reflected my original support for and work towards ARD/DAR prior to my resignation. In late May, I resigned, and I did not wish these pieces to be mistaken for active recruitment to the event in the period between late May and the event in July.

Part of my reasoning was due to a technical quirk of blogging itself; each post stands alone, decontextualized from the larger narrative. As these older pieces could be viewed via web searches etc. as distinct and apart from the context that I had since resigned, I made them private until after the event had passed.

My single post history of ARD/DAR and the events leading up to it can be found here. The post below should be viewed in the context of the events explained in it. Additional posts concerning ARD/DAR particularly from July 22nd forward can be found by utilizing the Adoptee Rights Demonstration tag (results will appear in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest.) They too, should be understood within that larger context.

Original text of the post, as it appeared prior to being made private appears in full below.

(Please distribute widely)

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Call for Volunteers
Seeking March and Protest Monitors for New Orleans

The Adoptee Rights Demonstration/Day for Adoptee Rights seeks March and Protest Volunteer Monitors to help co-ordinate the Tuesday July 22nd, 2008 March from Lafayette Square to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, in New Orleans. The same team of volunteer monitors will also help during the Educational Picket outside the convention center which will take place immediately following the March.

Monitors will help with crowd control before and during the protest. They will also keep folks marching to the Morial Center from straying from the approved route, and once at the Convention Center will ensure that picketing is done legally.

No previous experience or special skills are needed. Training and specific duties instruction will be provided the night before in a brief but mandatory break out training during Monday night’s Sign/Banner making gathering.

The Adoptee Rights Demonstration (ARD) runs on Volunteers. Volunteers are those who make the entire event come together. If you want the day to be a success, get involved in making it happen.

By volunteering as a March/Protest Monitor you’ll join a team of people committed to making the Day for Adoptee Rights an organized, strong, and visible presence in the streets and outside the site of the National Conference of State Legislatures annual meeting which begins the following day.

Further, volunteering will be a fantastic way to meet people from all over who care passionately about access to our records all while knowing you’ve been an important part of making these special days a success.

Be a part of open records history, get involved!


The Adoptee Rights Demonstration continues to seek Volunteers for other positions as well, contact either:

Ron with ARD at (link disabled 7/22/08)

or Bastard Nation at (link disabled 7/22/08)

for details. Please add the word “Monitors” in your e-mail subject line if you are volunteering to be a March/Protest Monitor.

Allow me to add my personal thanks to everyone working to make these events come together and run smoothly.

-Lauren Sabina Kneisly
(aka Baby Love Child)
ARD March/Protest Volunteer Trainer and Head Monitor

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