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Sleeps with Bastard

So my life partner, Mike, has finally set up his own blog, “Sleeps With Bastard.” (Cue the champagne!)

As a non-adopted person, external to the adoption pentagon (I’ll explain later, in another post) but someone deeply familiar with concepts of information systems and information control among other things, I at least, feel he’s got things of importance to say. Things that may in fact prove quite useful for Bastards interested in the broader context in which adoption sits.

Just be forewarned that he, like me, tends not to approach blogging with the usual blog timescale (see my tag in the left-hand column.)

Whereas I tend to write about detail (here anyway), he tends to focus upon adoption as part of the fractal-like nature of broader American phenomenon. Some may come to see our two blogs as eventually somewhat complimentary. We often approach similar items, each from our own vantage point.

In some ways Baby Love Child is going to run on not only some of the same assumptions as his, but may actually rely upon his blog to elaborate from a different perspective on broader trends. Linguistically, we certainly speak one another’s language.

I’d advise new readers begin with his about page, then move on to his first post.


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