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Guest blog- He’s Not “Legit:” Adam Pertman’s adoption marketing is an ongoing threat to human rights

Today’s post is a special guest blog written by my partner, Mike Doughney, originally posted to his personal blog. Just to clarify, Mike is not an adopted person. He often describes his relationship to adoption as “Sleeps with Bastard.” I think it’s really bad form to start off a post with a dictionary definition, but […] CEO arrested while returning from child shopping trip to Port-au-Prince- by guest blogger Mike Doughney

Once again, I’m going to pick up my partner Mike’s writing about the Friday evening arrests of 10 missionaries for their attempted removal of kids from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. The text below the line is Mike’s latest post from his personal blog. American citizens pose for a photo at police headquarters in the […]

Haiti, hiding information, and the romantic myth of international adoption- by Guest Blogger Mike Doughney

This is a post written by my partner, Mike Doughney for his personal blog. It’s a big picture overview with some theoretical components. His about page written back in October 2007  is pretty much a mandatory backgrounder to understand what underlies the perspective he (and ultimately we, the two of us) bring to our adoption […]

Another former Adoptee Rights Demonstration committee member’s perspective on the current ARD

In today’s post, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before; following in Bastardette‘s footsteps, I’m going to repost a “special guest blogger’s” work. My partner, Mike Doughney was also in Philadelphia with me last week and naturally, has his own perspective on the current Adoptee Rights Demonstration. He and I have been to […]

On so called “Secrecy”

Marley/Bastardette has done a post on what can only be termed a nauseating diary and comment thread over on Daily Kos- REVOLTING ENTITLEMENT BLATHER ON DKOS: “ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IS NOT PERVERSE” Bastardette, my partner Mike Doughney, and I have a number of comments on the thread, though some of the posts on the thread have […]