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Blogging again, a personal post- surveilling the sewer, through new eyes

I haven’t written a post here since Nov of 2011 for a number of reasons. I’ve needed the time. Back on May 10th, 2010, the day before my birthday, I received a copy of my unamended original birth certificate. Even the day prior, I had bemoaned the regressing state of Bastard rights, decried the “Faustian […]

Silent September

Yup, I took a month away from blogging. Not for lack of things to say, but that SO MUCH has been happening as of late. Writing about it all took a definite backseat to working on a number of projects. But I also wanted to step back and take a deep breath and plot a […]

Meltdown, *updated*

Joy Madsen apparently had a complete melt-down on the Facebook “alt adoption” group’s discussion boards last night. Some of us have seen this behavior from her time and again over the last three years, particularly in relation to the Adoptee Rights Demonstration/Day for Adoptee Rights though usually it’s been in spaces such as the AAAFC/”Adult” […]

Summer Stillness

So, why has the blog remained so quiet over the last month or so? The short answer is there has been so much going on Adoption-wise for me as of late that I haven’t had the time to devote to blogging it. Sometimes the doing simply overtakes the writing and documenting thereof. June and the […]