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“Adopted” on the Black Market: the Cole Babies

Miami, 1927 The Miami Herald has done yet another strong piece on the fate of the Cole babies. See: The Cole babies: Years later, they search for identity: Illegally adopted at birth in Miami, a group of men and women set out to find their true identities. Instead, they found each other. Those termed “Cole […]

Vital Readings in Bastard History: The Black Market, Sealed Records, and the role of the 1945 Illinois Adoption Act

Bastard Grannie Annie has been researching sealed records history in Illinois and how such merely provided a new mechanism for continuing Illinois’ long and ugly history of black market adoptions. Her blog post is an important brief overview of some of the IL history, and a vital backgrounder. Black Market, 1945 Illinois Adoption Act & […]

News- U.S. Adoptions Fueled by Guatemalan Kidnappings

Off ABC news- U.S. Adoptions Fueled by Guatemalan Kidnappings “Demand for Guatemalan Children Is So High, Baby Snatching Is Rampant” Just go read it. No commentary necessary, other than to point out the obvious, ANY agency “guaranteeing” much of ANYTHING in realtion to these kids in Guatemala is suspect.