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Where do we (Mike and I) go from here?

Joanne Wolf Small asked:
So, where do you go from here?
The answer deserved a post of its own, though I’ll let Mike find his own voice in his own timing and post whatever he adds as a guest blog.
First of all, we settle back in here at home after the trip Mike and I were on [...]

Guest blog- He’s Not “Legit:” Adam Pertman’s adoption marketing is an ongoing threat to human rights

Today’s post is a special guest blog written by my partner, Mike Doughney, originally posted to his personal blog. Just to clarify, Mike is not an adopted person. He often describes his relationship to adoption as “Sleeps with Bastard.”
I think it’s really bad form to start off a post with a dictionary definition, but unfortunately [...]

Bastard Nation Action Alert: Write NJ Legislators Today; Vote NO on A1406/S799!

(Originally posted on the Bastard Nation Action Alert blog, here.)
Monday, January 03, 2011
Bastard Nation Action Alert: Write NJ Legislators Today; Vote NO on A1406/S799!
Distribute Freely
Read full text of A1406 here.
Read full text of S799 here
A1406 (companion to [...]

NaBloPoMo II – National Adoption Month 2010 – #NAdoptAM

(Just as at the end of last month, this is a second post in a single day, be sure to scroll down to my earlier post, How the other half lives- off adoption as well.)

This post marks 61 days straight of blogging, two NaBloPoMos back to back.
For those of you who have gotten used to [...]

Spence-Chapin, always looking to increase market share, attempts to create a Muslim adoption market

Spence-Chapin, one of the older agencies and no friend to adoptees and our civil and human rights, has always sought to open new markets to adoption, and always sought new sources of kids, globally to fulfill that manufactured “need”.
Be it their early efforts to procure South Korean kids, to tapping the expanding Gay and Lesbian [...]

More on Spence-Chapin’s “pro-choice” adoption scheme

For those of you arriving here by way of my comment on the Huffington Post piece, or this article on RH Reality Check, my post in question can be found here:
Adoption in relation to Abortion provision, notes on clinics that embrace adoption marketing
As time allows I hope to write a response to these two pieces [...]

Weekend round up- “Birthmother’s Day”, and A Day without Adoption, & Mother’s Day and My Day

So this is the second Mother’s Day since I began blogging about adoption.
I’ve already said pretty much everything I needed to say in last year’s,
Mothers’ Day and my day
Since I first wrote that piece, it’s been another year of ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’
May 10th, 2009 marks another year of [...]