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How the other half lives- off adoption

By way of a brief follow up on my two posts about the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) celebrating 30 years of working against Bastard rights:

NCFA has been kind enough to document their excesses for us.

As Bastardette pointed out, NCFA  has complied a slideshow of pictures from their 30th anniversary gala.

Go click across to NCFA’s slideshow  Bow Ties and Pearls 30th Anniversary Gala 2010 (just beware the hideous wipes between each and every photo!)

Few things can truly drive home the realities of the adoption industry’s political access and wealth quite like these photos of the opulent debauchery that went down at the Willard earlier this month.

As part of NCFA’s fundraiser to support their industry and industrial lobbying efforts, they held both a raffle and an auction, (quoting their page):

Live Auction Click here for detailed information about the live auction


Premium Raffle Ticket – Minimum $100 for a book of 5 tickets Click here for photos

  • FIRST PRIZE:  TIFFANY & CO. Pearl Necklace Stunning multi-strand pearl torsade with sterling silver clasp designed exclusively for TIFFANY & CO. by Paloma Picasso (Valued at $1,450)
  • SECOND PRIZE:  Lucien Piccard Men’s Watch Classic two-tone stainless steel timepiece features a round gold-tone bezel and white dial with diamond markers at all hour positions (Valued at $395)
  • THIRD PRIZE:  Lucien Piccard Ladies Watch Sophisticated two-tone stainless steel timepiece features a round gold-tone bezel and white dial with diamond markers at all hour positions (Valued at $325)

Raffle Ticket – $30 each or $100 for a book of 5 Click here for photos

  • Win a MADREPERLA Perlas de Mallorca Organic Pearl Necklace 20″ faux baroque pearl necklace with 18kt yellow gold tone over sterling silver lobster claw clasp and Swarovski crystal end caps.  18 creamy grey pearls are intersperesed with seven large black pearls which have undertones of blue, purple, and green (Priceless!)

Where do such funds go? Into NCFA’s adoption marketing efforts, their work to pry Guatemala back open again, their efforts to extract kids from Nepal, their work towards a national putative father’s registry, their efforts to increase tax credits for adopters, etc.

I ask you, do the adopters in that room really look like they need tax incentives for adoptions?

Who made NCFA’s gala possible?

Here’s a quick look at their sponsors:

Thank you to our 30th Anniversary Gala Sponsors

Pearl Anniversary Sponsors

Wayne and Linda Sharp

Gold Sponsors

LDS Family Services
The Paraskevaides-Papathomas Family

Silver Sponsors

Morton and Grace Bender
Bethany Christian Services
Jonathan and Donna Conway
Ralph and Lou Hill Davidson
Sandra and Elmer Doty
The Gladney Center for Adoption
Dan and Tamara Kilmurray
Brian and Renee Luwis
Robert Parker and Mona Charen
Vicki and Roger Sant
Lou and Carol Stern
Larry and Pamela Stevenson
Stan and Michelle Swim

Bronze Sponsors

Golden Phoenix Foundation
Jason and Shannon Devine
Mr. Handyman (Lee and Jennifer Allen)
National Capital Area Gladney Family Association (Cal and Sally Simmons, Stacey and Kevin Reynolds, Jane and Greg Castanias, Karen and Joel Angeles)
Jim and Delia Stroud

Special thanks to

Bernie Robbins Jewelers
JOJO Photography & Film
Tiffany & Co.

As for the rest of us? Those who us who have no choice by to live adoption every day of our lives?

This is what a Bastard Nation benefit for BN’s Terminal Illness Emergency Search Program looked like back in 1998. The TIES fund supported Bastards in desperate medical circumstances by providing volunteer search and support services to Bastards with terminal illnesses.

Note the distinct lack of crystal chandeliers and Tuxes, but no lack of Fabulous Bastards in their ever fashionable “spermburst” tees.

BN has been known to auction off a few Bastard goodies in the con suite over the course of conferences, but trust me, we’re talking T-shirts and books, not Tiffany necklaces and expensive watches.

The difference being we ARE adoption, organizing in a grassroots manner, working on behalf of our own rights.

The National Council for Adoption and their like on the other hand are more often than not those who “opt in” to adoption by purchasing a kid, and then lobbying to ensure those child extraction routes remain viable.

I know which side I proudly stand on.

Apparently, so do the likes of Walmart, LDS, Bethany, Gladney, and the wretched lot of  ’em.

2 Responses to “How the other half lives- off adoption”

  1. Trace A. DeMeyer Says:

    I am surprised they didn’t raffle an orphan from the Third World!

  2. Marley Greiner Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I think some people believe that NCFA (or whoever) lives in a vacuum and acts on there own, when in fact, they are mobbed up with the highest people in government. While the rest of us spend our own money and volunteer our time to restore our rights, the adoption industry pays itself well and its lobbyists are whores who work for whoever holds the checkbook and have no personal stake in the outcome other than to keep they poshy job.

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