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Harvest, Bounty, Gratitude

Blogs don’t have acknowledgement pages or other such,  but I wanted to simply say thank you tonight to those who have supported me both as a Bastard and specifically in this writing.

Some readers stop by from time to time, or are very specific about what they seek and take from my blog. If they’re finding what they’re after I’m happy and grateful for their readership.

Others read along and sometimes some actually incorporate aspects of what I’ve written into their own thinking and actions (and that has been a really amazing process to watch unfold.)

Seeing individual and even small scale social change come of something that I was never altogether certain I was willing to do in the first place, write, has shown me the value in giving voice to things even when it seems completely overwhelming and the words don’t come.

It’s too large to write.

And I’m small.

But encouragement comes when you least expect it.

I’ve met so many new friends and staunch supporters, some where I sometimes least expected.

I’ve corresponded with people, a number of whom I gladly call friend, or ally from around the world simply for having put words and a translate button to a page.

It never ceases to amaze me, and I am always in awe of their own tenacity, dedication, and work.

Many of the conversations that have come out of those interactions have challenged me, solidified things for me, and deeply affected me. All the more so in that if learning from other Bastards or those in this strange field teaches you just one thing, it’s that there’s always more, the rabbit hole always goes deeper.

Through that connecting with others enduring these injustices, I have found friends, allies, and those so dear to me as to consider them my family.

Tonight is about saying thanks to those who read, or who have influenced my own Bastardly thinking, or supported me, and encouraged me through these past 3 plus years of blogging now.

I didn’t really mark the blog-o-versary back in October, but somehow more than three years have gone by.

There’s an odd little collection of work here now that wouldn’t exist but for those around me who have been core to my support system.

My gratitude goes out to all those I chose to consider family for the many years of  both supporting me, and helping me think through bits and pieces of this out loud, and providing their insights and their wisdom. Some over endless cups of coffee, others in mere passing comments or email.

They know who they are, and they know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each and every one of them.

Most of all, though, my deepest most heartfelt thanks go out to my life partner, Mike.

In every way imaginable he has been there for me through all of it, both the writing and the living adoption. He has been a true partner to me and a friend beyond measure.

His willingness to jump in with both feet, and not only be by my side, but in bringing his own unique perspective, skills, and voice to the Bastard rights movement (as with all our work) leaves me almost speechless.

This past year has run the gamut of adoption related almost everything imaginable for us, but through it all, he has been not only someone solid that I can count on, but also wise counsel, my support system, a fierce advocate, and a one man tech department.

He has always urged me on, helped me not give up, and always, ALWAYS not merely made room for my writing, but actively supported my writing in every way.

We sometimes half jokingly state that “he makes it all possible,” but it’s true.

He tends to be a very behind the scenes kind of guy when it comes to much of this, but he’s an all too often unsung hero of sorts.

Both personally and politically, he has been rock solid. “Dependable” doesn’t begin to cover it.

He is the primary person I turn to to parse these odds and ends apart with and I learn from him constantly.

It should also be noted that he is the writer in the family.

I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but I do spend this part of the year marking the final harvest, noting the bounty that surrounds me, taking stock before the cold and dark of the year, taking the time to see who my family is, and offer gratitude for all those who feed me, both physically and metaphorically.

To all of you who have in any way supported me or my work, thank you.

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  1. Trace A. DeMeyer Says:

    Thank you Mike and thank you Lauren. You are a light and you shine so bright!

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