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Charisa Coulter, “VP and co-founder” of New Life Children’s Refuge released from Jail in Haiti

As I wrote last Friday, see Charisa Coulter’s release papers signed, Silsby becomes a useful scapegoat, it was clear her release would most likely happen today.

Not exactly surprising, especially considering her medical condition.

(How insane do you have to be to be diabetic and yet run off to a post earthquake disaster zone where access to electricity and access to refrigeration is marginal at best?)

In any case, she was released this afternoon and taken to the airport by U.S. Embassy staff.

See Haiti frees US missionary; group leader still held

and American missionary held in Haiti released

Silsby answered questions in Saint-Vil’s office Monday. Later, she refused to comment on what the judge asked her, but she said she was happy Coulter had been released. She added that she expected to be released soon.

Silsby repeated comments denying she’d done anything wrong and said she was still in custody “because I’m the leader.

Saint-Vil said that he has some additional questions that he needs answered but that he expects to make a decision about Silsby’s detention by the end of the week.

While Laura Sislby is listed as the New Life Children’s Refuge “Executive Director and Founder” Charisa Coulter was certainly more than merely Sislby’s live in nanny.

Coulter was listed in the Central Valley Baptist Church online marketing material for the mission as New Life Children’s Refuge “VP and co-founder.”

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