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Nebraska- another dump, and the small voice of a dumped boy, “**choose me** Im so damn lonely.”

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag.


Friday an 11 year old girl was left by her mother at Bergan Mercy Hospital. NE DHHS counts her as the 29th kid in the official count.

Be sure to see A Mother’s Story of Trying to Get Help. Note that the girl was originally going to go into an adoption:

The mother in Nebraska’s most recent Safe Haven case speaks out about why she dropped off her eleven year old daughter. It’s another story of a parent who tried to get help, but instead ran into roadblocks.

“She was originally supposed to go up for adoption. We were living in Minnesota, I was a young single mother.” Another family was ready to adopt the newborn and take her in, but the girl’s grandmother stepped in.

Once again we come back to what sits in the middle of these cases, guardians feel the only way they can get these kids help is to use the dump laws. The cost of getting a kid the help they need should never be loss of their family. One should not have to surrender parental or guardian rights to gain access to the services necessary to get a kid what they need.

Marley’s got a post up about her, along with updates on both the Indiana and Michigan dump cases.

Also on Friday the full court press media circus kicked in as everyone gears up for the special session.

The lip-flapping-to-fill-the-space-between-the-commericials “Dr. Phil” television show did an hour long dump supportive promo (be sure to catch his “uncensored” commentary here in which he sings the praises of leglaized child abandonment. ) My comment on both the Laura the moralizing hypocrite (link not suitable for minors or workplace reading) insipid blog post and Phil-the-shill show that Marley pointed her readers at can be found here.

Again, I couldn’t make stuff like this up. We are so far into the realm of whacked out fiction I couldn’t write characters like this if I tried. Supposedly “pro-family” morons singing the praises of child dumping, through the looking glass we go.

If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be sitting here, having to explain to people that abandoning children is never a good thing, I never would have believed you. These are things I used to consider self-evident.

But once this latest crop of dump-abandonment propagandists got involved people began to loose track of which way is up and which way is down.


  • kids not being abandoned=good,
  • abandoning kids=bad.
  • State enabled and encouraged legalized child dumping=bad, very bad.

Meanwhile back in the real world the Omaha World-Herald had two good pieces today, The Children: Kids suffer sense of abandonment and The Parents: Myth aside, caretakers stay involved. Readers should go take the moment to go across and read the articles.

Once again, up through the cracks we barely hear the actual voice of a dumped kid:

One 12-year-old safe haven boy has posted this message on his MySpace page:”**choose me** Im so damn lonley.”

Finally, see Safe Haven Revision Set for Next Friday.

The law tweeks are on the horizon. Practically guaranteeing that the next set of ‘aged down’ kids will continue to deal with all the problems dump laws create under dump law 2.0.

Meanwhile the demand for full repeal continues on, apparently unheeded.

I don’t want to be sitting here in 6 months having to say “we told you so” all over again, I want the states to stop manufacturing still more dump-related ordeals.

As for the kids already dumped, the damage is done. They’ll be living with such the rest of their lives, unlike certain legislators (in any given state) who simply can, and do, walk away from the messes they made.



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