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News- A few final June articles relating to Lisa Novak and the Claar foundation

Just a belated brief round up of three more articles relating to the upcoming Lisa Novak trial. Those unfamilar with Novak and Claar will want to explore my earlier writings about the coverage to date to get up to speed.

Novak faces another felony
June 17th, ’08 Daily Camera

Novak pleads not guilty
June 20th, ’08 Daily Camera

This afternoon, District Judge D.D. Mallard granted the prosecution’s motion to add a fifth felony count in the case — a count of felony theft.


A trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 15.

Goff asked Mallard to permit his client to move to a location on the East Coast while awaiting her trial.

He said Novak’s husband, Marty Claar, can’t get a job locally because of press coverage of his wife’s legal troubles and has managed to secure employment out of state.

The judge denied Novak’s request to relocate, but said she will be allowed to travel.

Novak remains free on a $10,000 bond.

Adoption agency case set for September trial
June 21rst, ’08 Longmont Times-Call

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