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News- 17 year-old sibling charged with Enna’s death *UPDATED 8am

New readers should first look to my earlier coverage on Enna’s story for a basic backgrounder:Enna, oh Enna! aka When animals outweigh a dead Guatemalan ‘adoptee’. 5/24/08


Enna & her ’siblings’, where did they all come from? 6/3/08

Yesterday afternoon (6/6/08) news of the older sister being charged in Enna’s death back on May 30th broke.

See, for example the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal article entitled Sister charged in 2-year old’s death.

Seventeen-year-old Marainna Torres is charged with capital murder in the death of her 2-year-old adopted sister, Enna Barreto, Union County Justice Court records show.

(Keep in mind, Enna’s ‘adoptive’ ‘family’ consisted of 9 kids: 2 biologically related to at least one parent, and 7 others, including Enna who were adopted/’adopted’ [the paperwork was missing on 5 of the kids.] Only two of the ‘adoptions’ were said to have been proven to have gone through normal channels.)


Torres is the daughter of Enna’s adoptive mother, Janet Lee Killough Barreto, by a previous marriage.

She has not yet been arrested in the death and is believed to be under psychiatric evaluation in a Memphis hospital. The record of her capital murder charge is dated May 30, said Justice Court Clerk Larissa Edwards.

Oxford defense attorney Thomas Levioditis has been or will be appointed to represent her, said Assistant District Attorney Kelly Luther on Friday.

The AP story from later on last night revealed few other details. This may the first time an article has mentioned Enna’s full name, Enna Isabel Barreto.

Union County Justice Court Clerk Larissa Edwards told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that a May 30 document showing the capital murder charge is in the court’s records.


* This hit my e-mail after I had already posted the above, a new article from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, “Sister Charged in Union Death“:

Oxford defense attorney Thomas Levioditis has been or will be appointed to represent her, said Assistant District Attorney Kelly Luther.
Late Friday, it was unclear whether a judge had ordered the legal representation, but Luther and Levioditis confirmed the arrangement.

“I haven’t spoken with her yet,” said Levioditis, noting Torres is being treated “where she can be diagnosed.”

Capital murder is a murder that occurs during the commission of another crime – in this case it’s felony child abuse, said Union County sheriff’s investigator Roger Garner.

As late at 5 p.m. Thursday, District Attorney Ben Creekmore told the Daily Journal no new charges had been filed in the case.


Chancery Court documents show Marainna Torres was born April 26, 1991, the daughter of Janet Killough Torres and Martin M. Torres. They were divorced in 2000.

She is believed to have attended Victory Christian Academy in New Albany.

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