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New Jersey BN ACTION ALERT: Support Adoptee Rights for All, Not Privilege for Some. Tell Gov. Christie to Veto A1406

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Support adoptee rights for all, not privilege for some
Write New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today
Ask him to veto A1406/1399/S699
A1406/1399/S699 is on its way to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for signing. Gov. Christie’s views on the bill are unknown. Please take a few minutes to write the governor now and [...]

Long weekend ACTION ALERT Illinois HB 5428- next Senate session Tues 4/20 get those calls & faxes in!

Again, another small update early this morning.
There is still time to get those faxes and emails in to the Senators asking them to
vote NO on HB 5428,
but time is running out.
The bill went through its second reading in yesterday’s session.
The bill’s status page hasn’t updated yet after yesterday’s session, but the legislation can [...]