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Perhaps as many as one third of Adoptions in Wales end in disruptions/”breakdowns”

Lest anyone think it’s merely Bastards and Parents criticizing the number of kids being processed via the adoption industry and the less than stellar track record in terms of long term outcomes, I wanted to highlight a bit of criticism from adopters themselves, (if in a non-American context.) Adoption UK, a group run by and […]

A Search for Survivors reaches the one year milestone

Just a brief post today pointing my readers across to A Search for Survivors which has just marked its one year blog-o-versary today, a year’s worth of important work. There have been a number of important posts there even over just the past few days, including these two both of which are cases I’m watching, […]

Federici Fiasco

Yeah been a bit since I’ve blogged, let’s pick up where I left off- “Attachment” related bullshit. Wayward Radish, the blogger behind A Search for Survivors has written a number of posts this week pertaining to Ronald S. Federici and the disabling of Pound Pup Legacy (PPL). Feb 2- AT Quack Ronald Federici attempts to […]

Attachment Quackery first full post

Bastards need to get up to speed on what the quackery passed off as “attachment therapy” means in practice. To my shame and frustration, I have not written even a single full basic post on it to date, not for lack of desire to do so, but for lack of the words. I’ve mentioned AT, […]

National Safe Haven Alliance Executive Director ignores the realities of Nebraska’s kids lives

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag. *** Over time, I’ve seen a lot of what I consider delusional statements about child welfare and kids’ realities out of the National Safe Haven Alliance, but […]