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More on Spence-Chapin’s “pro-choice” adoption scheme

For those of you arriving here by way of my comment on the Huffington Post piece, or this article on RH Reality Check, my post in question can be found here:

Adoption in relation to Abortion provision, notes on clinics that embrace adoption marketing

As time allows I hope to write a response to these two pieces as well. But by way of a simple statement to chew on for the time being, allow me to point out the obvious:

There is no part of adoption that can be considered in any way “outside the culture wars.”

One Response to “More on Spence-Chapin’s “pro-choice” adoption scheme”

  1. Laurel Says:

    What drives me nuts about this is that, like everything else “pro lifers” do, it assumes women are titanically stupid. Everyone knows about adoption. Everybody. I think if you prompted the average American five-year-old with “Adoption…?” that child would pipe right up with “is an option!” even though s/he doesn’t know what that means yet.

    Women who have a decision to make about a pregnancy know about adoption. It doesn’t need any more pushing.

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