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Stunning news around adoptionland

Two earth-shattering pieces of news today:

1.  Four girls who had been kidnapped in Guatemala and adopted by American families now living in the U.S.  have had their adoptions annulled. A judge in Arkansas ordered all four were to be returned to their mothers and family members back home who had fought for their return through the Guatemalan courts over the past 5 years.

Furthermore, the agency that had placed the girls, ‘God’s Pure Lambs Global Adoptions, Inc.’ was ordered to pay $835,000 restitution to the families, essentially bankrupting the agency. The agency director, Lyar Pansonfyre is being investigated for failure to pay federal withholding taxes on employees, a fact that came to light in the course of the Guatemalan adoption investigation.


2. In a shocking move, Shane Onallous, the head of the National Adoption Council on Children’s Affairs, (an industry trade lobby in Washington)  announced today she was retiring from the adoption field altogether, commenting to the media:

“I just can’t keep saying this crap with a straight face anymore.”

After NACCS’s major conference last month, supported by no less than the Adoptive Parents in Government Coalition, no one could have foreseen her stepping down. Her impassioned keynote address, “the world’s children can be yours, for a price” held no hint she was at the edge of retiring.

Alright, ALRIGHT, I can’t do this with a straight face anymore, April Fools!

The above two items are of course, April fools jokes, nothing that sane could ever take place in the real world.

Instead we’re back to more of the same, that ARE sadly all too real:

The Missouri legislation shows the blatant hypocrisy of the state’s reproductive policy for what it is; when it comes to abortion, the state wants to stick its nose into every detail, but when it comes to adoption or babydumps, the less information the better.

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