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The 3 additional American members (on the Dominican Republic side of the border) of the 10 arrested American missionary scavengers’ team

I wanted to put up at least a brief post tonight about the other baptist missionaries who were also part of the child extraction effort, but not arrested as they were in the Dominican Republic working out the details of where to put the kids once they arrived on that side of the border. There […]

Thwarted by a police officer in an earlier attempt 3 days before their arrests to export 40 *Other* kids- more on Silsby and the Scavengers

CNN has new details up tonight. Anderson Cooper AC360 also included a video segment discussing a new witness’s perspective on the actions of Silsby and the 9 other American missionary child scavengers’s actions, Americans jailed in Haiti tried taking other kids, officer says The group of American Baptist missionaries in Haiti who are facing kidnapping […]

You’ve got the kids, I’ve got the cash, let’s make some adoptions.

So today provides yet another profile of yet another Baptist evangelical scavenger, Mike Roberts, the North Texas CEO of “Source Direct.” The Dallas Morning News has done an article on yet another scavenger on a “mission from god”  to do the kind of work in Haiti that can decide who lives and who dies, and […]

The 10 arrested Christian Scavengers had an adoption centered “mission” for the kids they were caught trying to remove illegally

Obviously, there are a great number of things I could say about the ten American missionary child scavengers sitting in a Haitian Jail at the moment. But what I have to say is not the point. It’s their own words that are at issue here. Already,  just in the short time since their arrests, conflicting […]