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Bastardette’s series of posts on Jorge Torres Puello/Jorge Torres Orellana & the Dominican Republic end of the team

In all the insanity surrounding the Haitian mess, I haven’t had time to really scratch the surface of the Jorge Puello story beyond the initial post I wrote as the trafficking allegations against Puello first came to light:

NYT- El Salvador Investigates Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti (Jorge Puello)

While I’ve been following it closely, others have really taken the lead writing about it.

Fortunately, Marley over on her Daily Bastardette blog along with her wonderful set of commenters have been carefully sifting through the details and trying to form a coherent narrative concerning that angle on the missionary’s attempted child export fiasco.

You can see her Puello related body of work via a search on his name against her blog. Just look over the dates to read them in chronological order.

Be sure to read through the comments on these pieces as they provide many additional links and further information.


Also be sure to read her recent piece concerning additional members of the missionary’s effort in the Dominican Republic:


We already knew that Eastside Baptist Church members John Requa and Matt and Lora Crider remained at the “orphanage” while church pastor Paul Thompson, his son Silas Thompson, and member Steve McMullin crossed into Haiti….

…Now we learn that Nancy Rodriguez, wife of Paul Rodriguez, Magic Valley Baptist Association director of missions, and four “missionaries” from an unnamed group in Texas were also at the “orphan” hotel.

As I first reported here, there were additional team members working in the D.R. that were an ignored aspect of the child export effort. As they were not arrested, they have been all but ignored by most of the press. This means the team was comprised of not merely the ten arrestees, but now we’re up to at least 8 more people on the D.R. side of the border:

  • John Requa
  • Matt Crider
  • Lora Crider
  • Nancy Rodriguez
  • and four other “missionaries” from an unnamed group in Texas

that were all directly part of the effort as well.

Again, be certain to read the comments on all her Haitian posts as many new details are emerging there.

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