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Was the Silsby team’s current lawyer in Haiti, Aviol Fleurant, arranged by Jorge Puello?

First, go read this introduction and this, Special Report: Puello Says Other Dominicans Helped Silsby written by Anne-christine d’Adesky on her Haiti Vox blogs. *** Back on Feb 13th, on twitter I posted this intriguing observation from the linked article- via @TriniWarao “He helped us find the lawyer we have now” Detained Americans seek distance […]

Bastardette’s series of posts on Jorge Torres Puello/Jorge Torres Orellana & the Dominican Republic end of the team

In all the insanity surrounding the Haitian mess, I haven’t had time to really scratch the surface of the Jorge Puello story beyond the initial post I wrote as the trafficking allegations against Puello first came to light: NYT- El Salvador Investigates Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti (Jorge Puello) While I’ve been following it […]