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Haiti series- “It is madness. It is insane…” Bribes, Bullies, and Traffickers extract kids- part 7

I am publishing part 7 out of chronological order so as to be timely (this piece was published on Monday the 25th.) We’ll come back for parts 5 and 6 soon enough.

At the European Union foreign ministers meeting January 25th, a decision was made concerning whether or not additional EU countries will be “fast-tracking” child removals from Haiti.

Please see the comment below for the update to this piece.


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If you are new to this series please backtrack and read the previous articles on my Haiti tag as this series relies upon definitions of words such as “orphanage” that I’ve already discussed in my previous Haitian posts.

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Without at minimum reading the short Introduction, you will miss the context these parts or chapters were written in.

I am an adult adoptee, writing from an explicitly Bastard perspective on these matters.


Part 7: France and the European Union

The article makes several brief mentions of the French removal of children and the Unicef objections to their removal, rooted it attempts to preserve what shards of family history and identity the Haitian children have left now that the government held records, birth certificates and the like, have been destroyed in the quake ( a loss to Haitians and these uprooted children that stretches far beyond what words can express. Again, there’s an entire post to do right there, as well. So once again, I note the importance thereof, but try to continue on.)

Mayi Garneadia-Pierre, a Unicef child protection volunteer, at the orphanage of Our Lady of the Nativity, in Port-au-Prince, from where children were sent to France for adoption on Friday, is concerned about their future.

“We wouldn’t stop any child from being saved,” she said. “But when a child grows to 15-years-old he has an enormous need of signposts of his identity. It’s not abuse in the sense of mistreatment, but it’s abusive in the sense of making a permanent break. You need to keep links.”

Monday, at the European Union foreign ministers meeting, a decision was be made (see comment below) concerning whether or not the EU would fully join in on the adoption gold-rush (though note that Haiti *MAY* be acting to protect its children from export.)

Against Child Trafficking is speaking out against it, grounded firmly in Haiti’s preexisting history with inter-country adoption, (also be sure to see About Orphanages in Haiti, an older article from Dec. 2006) (emphasis mine):

The issue is expected to deeply divide a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on Monday after Spain proposed “speeding up procedures for adoption cases” across Europe.

Roelie Post, of Against Child Trafficking, a Brussels-based group, said: “It is madness. It is insane. If the EU supports this it will lend its power and credibility to an adoption industry driven by greed and money.”

This post has more information about Monday’s meeting, EU urged to fast-track adoptions from Haiti: Spanish presidency:

The Spanish presidency of the European Union will next week urge the bloc to forge a common position on fast-track adoptions from Haiti, Madrid said Friday.


Several countries are fast-tracking adoption procedures already under way, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.

The entire link should followed.

By way of backgrounder, readers will also want to explore, Council of Europe Conference reveals itself as a Adoption Lobby Network.

Finally, the following chart represents United Adoptees International’s attempt to document some of the numbers on the kids being exported. It comes from the UAI news blog’s lefthand sidebar.


In order to have an overview of numbers, the UAI herewith tries to collect the numbers of Haitian adoptions or airlifts since the earthquake:

* Netherlands: 6+92 =98
* Belgium: 14
* Canada: 100 ?
* France: 30 (276+904= 1180 awaiting)
* Germany: 30
* Italy: 50 ?
* Luxembourg: 14
* Spain: 40 ?
* USA: 100 (900 awaiting)

TOTAL NO 24.01.2010 : 300 (between 18.01.-24.01.2010) 4450 awaiting.

The American numbers are low, I’ve documented more via news accounts of the flights, but this at least gives a starting place to understand what’s happening.


Read the comment below for the outcome of Monday’s meeting


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One Response to “Haiti series- “It is madness. It is insane…” Bribes, Bullies, and Traffickers extract kids- part 7”

  1. Baby Love Child Says:

    No EU plan foreseen to fast-track adoptions of Haiti children

    The European Union would not launch a comprehensive plan to facilitate adoptions of child victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the European Commission said on Monday.

    The idea was floated last week at an informal meeting of EU justice ministers in Spain, where Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot, said the EU would look for a ‘European framework’ on the issue, in cooperation with UNICEF, the United Nations’ fund for children.

    But on Monday in Brussels, his spokesman Michele Cercone said ‘a European framework for adoptions at this stage seems premature, and anyway the commission does not have any competence’ to act.

    Cercone added that the EU executive has ‘no opposition to any speeding up of already existing adoption procedures,’ a measure which the governments of the Netherlands and Italy have already announced.

    However, he said the commission ‘asks member states to be really prudent’ on enacting their plans.

    Here’s the crucial part, emphasis is mine:

    On Friday, UN officials warned that a ‘large number’ of children may have been taken out of Haiti without following proper legal steps since the country was hit by the massive earthquake January 12, resulting in the collapse of the judiciary and other government functions.

    Some of the children had legal documents showing they were authorized to leave the country to meet adopted families elsewhere, but some did not, and officials issued a call to respect international adoption protocols despite the chaos in the country.

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