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*UPDATED* Un”safe haven:” dead baby found inside hospital, “about 100 feet” from the hospital’s dumpbox

For those who insist a “safe haven” babydump box in every hospital would ensure their mythical ‘no dead babies,’ think again.

Case in point?

Glendale, AZ, where a 15 year old gave birth in the hospital bathroom, leaving a baby boy in the bathroom trash can, “about 100 feet from a Safe Haven” dumpbox.

(first reported September 30th.)

Newborn found dead in Glendale hospital bathroom

Glendale police are investigating a baby found dead in a hospital, allegedly in a trash can.

The baby was found on Saturday in the emergency room at Banner Thunderbird Hospital, only about 100 feet from a Safe Haven drop-off location.

A teen went to the emergency room with her mother complaining of stomach and back pains.

The teen then allegedly gave birth in the ER bathroom and did not tell anyone. A member of the cleaning crew found the baby boy in the trash. Police have not confirmed the details.

(Be sure to see the video segment attached to the article, in which the usual refrain of ‘more marketing, more ‘education’ in schools’ is repeated.

Just another in the long sad saga of how these babydump programs (and in this case, specifically, the dumpbox managed to) fail, spectacularly.

My partner and I photographed the Glendale Thunderbird dumpbox, back in May of 2003. At the time, it was located at “Thunderbird Samaritan Medical Center” (now Banner Thunderbird Hospital,) and at the time lamely named the “Thunderbird Nest.

As you can see, the dump site is almost impossible to miss from the emergency room entrance from the parking lot.

Naturally, (for a state that doesn’t offer genuine sex-ed) the ‘who to turn to for help’ listings off the Banner Thunderbird babydump webpage is a who’s who of compulsory pregnancy/anti-abortion coercive pregnancy indoctrination centers and other christian organizations, with Planned Parenthood tucked in as if to offer up some sick version of “fair and balanced” pro-babydump advice.

Apparently everyone’s answer to a program that simply does not work is to throw yet still more resources and effort into it, even as it (to tragic result), fails yet again.

Can anyone doubt that this 15 year old, (now facing down possible prosecution) will now be more than willing to recite precisely what the dump pushers need to have her say, as if on cue?

Of course more education would have helped… if only someone had told me before it was too late! Etc.

Will we be surprised to hear such? Not in the least, we’ve heard it time and time again. What better way to escape prosecution that to do ‘community service’ with the babydump law pushers?


Naturally, there’s always more to the story and Marley, over on her Daily Bastardette blog has dug out still more pertinent details. Please see her piece


for more details concerning Kimberly Marshall, from the video piece, quoting Marley:

…who is not a physician as labeled in the news report , but the RN who manages the hospital’s Pediatric Ed Clinic,

and sure enough,

Ignored by the press, at least in this specific report, is the fact is Kimberly Marshall is the head of the Arizona Safe Baby Haven Coalition pimping tragedy to pimp her agenda.

is this nonsense getting predictable or what?

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  1. Mara Says:

    The baby “dump” box looks like a trash shoot. OMFG.

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