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A Search for Survivors reaches the one year milestone

Just a brief post today pointing my readers across to A Search for Survivors which has just marked its one year blog-o-versary today, a year’s worth of important work.

There have been a number of important posts there even over just the past few days, including these two both of which are cases I’m watching,

In Memoriam: Faith Finley

The Murder of 13-year-old Alexis Glover: “My mom is going to kill me…nobody believes what I say…”

and this particularly important post,

Attachment/Holding Therapy Inspired “Gay to Straight” Movement Leader

If ASFS isn’t already in your reader, Bastards and allies may want to add it. WR has been creating a set of posts over the past year that both compliment and overlap with some of the writing I do here.

Just as I cannot track but a very few of the stories/cases that cross my desk ever day, he’s carved out a niche of tracking the “attachment” related deaths and abuses. His ongoing In Memoriam work keeps memory alive and shows the tragic overall pattern.

ASFS is a specialized subset of adoption and its related quack therapy related abuses, but the implications of the growing “attachment” industry for adoption as a whole, and of course adoptees themselves are profound.

I’ve argued in the past in support of getting up to speed on what is happening there, allow me to reitterate the importance of doing so.

A Search for Survivors is an important body of work, and deserves to be widely read.

2 Responses to “A Search for Survivors reaches the one year milestone”

  1. jimm Says:

    “An imoprtant body of work” is an understatement. I hope it is at the top of every adoptee’s favorites list because ‘there but for the grace of God…’

    For once in a long while, I am glad I am so old. The therapy for us “difficult” adoptees used to just be a good spanking.

    I survived.

  2. Wayward Radish Says:

    Thanks again for this.

    If “Emperor” Federici has his say, ASFS won’t make it much farther past its one year birthday:

    Hope you’re well, darling fellow bastard.

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