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Nebraska- The Big Kids Just Keep On Coming – 12 Year-Old Safe Haven Dump TODAY

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag.


As I said early Saturday morning on my post, Nebraska’s Safe Haven Roll of Shame:

Unlike this list of older kids, the next will (at least if all goes according to the state’s plan) be made up of those 30 days and younger.

(emphasis added)

Well sure enough, nothing ever goes as planned.

Today marks the first of the non-legalized big kid dumps:
Safe Haven Use Continues After Law Changes

A 12-year-old year old boy was dropped off today as a Safe Haven at Children’s Hospital.

A representative for Children’s Hospital says he was dropped of at 11:11 a.m.

Friday was the last day parents could use the safe have law for children up to age 18. After two months of children being left at Nebraska hospitals, a new Safe Haven bill was signed into law. Gov. Dave Heineman signed the bill Friday afternoon. It now only allows children 30 days or younger to be dropped off.

More details are not available at this time.

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  1. Baby Love Child Says:

    A mere 38 hours ago, I wrote:

    …tonight, as Nebraska attempts in vain to close this chapter of its legalized child abandonment social experiment… .

    It was perfectly obvious what was going to come next.

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