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Nebraska- Meet some of the Child Abandonment Advocates

This is the latest in a series of posts I have done criticizing Nebraska’s legalized child abandonment laws. You can find my earlier posts via my Nebraska tag.


I do not have time this morning to fully profile some of the out of state child dumping advocates working on the Nebraska situation, but I wanted to at least put forward at least a few details as we go into today’s public hearing.

Both of these profiles relate to dump law personalities who have worked nationally and claim to be currently working or have worked previously in Nebraska.

Mike and Jean Morrisey, Baby Safe Haven New England

While there is a great deal that could and eventually should be written about the Morriseys, I feel their actions and judgement should be carefully examined. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

These are people who feel it’s appropriate to put sex quizzes such as “How sexual are you?, Compare yourself to Baby Safe Haven New England” on the Baby Safe Haven New England MySpace page.

Unlike most political websties, the Morriseys’ MySpace is littered with pictures of Jean Morrisey such as these:

1.jpg 2.jpg

3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg

These pictures are interspersed with a state’s “Safe haven” proclamation and pictures of the Morriseys at various “Safe Haven” bill signings.

With Massachusetts Lt. Governor Healy,

In Hawai’i, receiving a dump law resolution,

and in Vermont at the dump law signing with Governor Douglas.

Perhaps Nebraska legislators and Governor Heineman would care to be next to have their picture added to this gallery?

Again, these are all pictures the Morriseys themselves have placed on the Baby Safe Haven New England MySpace page.

This is what they themselves apparently feel is appropriate for their political activism page.

Lest anyone think such is a one time lapse of judgement, this gallery also on their MySpace page also contains similar:

10.jpg 11.jpg

While the Morriseys are certainly welcome to do such, one really has to question the Morriseys’ judgement when it comes to placing such (amidst the cat calls of her middle aged male fans) on a website supposedly dedicated to advocating public policy relating to children.

(Clearly these are people with no notion what-so-ever of “appropriate time and place”.)


Tim Jaccard, Children of Hope, National Safe Haven Alliance

As I wrote several weeks back in a piece entitled Nebraska attempts to slam to barn door, only creating a new set of problems:

But let’s go back and talk about Tim Jaccard himself. It’s time to talk about who some of these people who push dump laws are.

Legalized abandonment organizations across the country (many of which are best described as kitchen table organizations) run hotlines. On the other end of those calls lies a process for dumping, with people like Jaccard sometimes in the middle of such.

Under the dump laws a womyn gives birth, likely in secret, perhaps unattended, if she survives, the resulting newborn is then to be taken to a hospital.

Jaccard, far beyond mere dump law advocate has been deeply involved in making abandonments happen himself, an intrinsic part of them. In People magazine back in 2003, he admitted to assisting in secret births, once in Central Park and “once in a girl’s bedroom while her parents slept down the hall.”*

Yes, that means a hidden pregnancy, Jaccard assisting the secret birth, while the girl’s parents were asleep in the same house. Then the baby being “safe havened.

Does this sound like the kind of law that fosters good interfamily communication?

Do you think that those parents ever learned of their daughter’s secret pregnancy, or the middle aged man prowling around their house that night making the resultant baby just go away?

Jaccard and others like him are what lie on the other end of the dump laws. They are the practical application of the dump laws.

(* The quote in question was taken from the March 17, 2003 issue of People Magazine.)

One Response to “Nebraska- Meet some of the Child Abandonment Advocates”

  1. Deb Says:

    Thank you for your work. I am not up to speed on the politics of this Nebraska issue, but have been seeing it in the news and following this blog. I am livid that children’s lives /psyches are being toyed with through legalized abandonment. All the children will suffer eventually. The babies will remember too even though they may be presently warm, fed and clothed and not in the bottom of a trash bin. But the older children must be in incredible present pain and all will deal with it later, as we know. I am not at all surprised to see who the players are in this though. As a child of the 50’s baby dump era, where kids were traded like commodities, I see little difference. Dump a kid to a middleman, find a parent, make a profit. There have always been sleezebags involved.

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