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An ARD/DAR withdrawals ‘bare bones’ timeline

Since certain people are running around falsely insisting BN ‘pulled out’ of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration BEFORE the fundraising done by Abrazo Adoption Associates came to light, a micro-timeline appears to be in order to set the record straight.

In the following, I am basing this timeline on events from the organizer’s list, no doubt many things were happening simultaneously, and individual people may or may not have been aware of each one, further many other details were happening via phone calls and interpersonal e-mails. This is merely the information all ARD/DAR organizers had access to. (Which does not mean each individual organizer was aware of each of the following at the time.)

Also everything in the following is/or has been either already out in public or is paraphrased after first gaining permission to share the details, except the exact times.

Amy’s mention of the Abrazo fundraising to organizers which she had mentioned on her own blog in her piece “Regarding Bastard Nation’s Withdrawal” (originally posted June 2nd) has now been been removed and replaced with a new entry. Originally, the entry detailed her “history” with Abrazo.

Originally, it read in part:

I said that there were people raising money to come to the Adoption Rights Protest. I mentioned Abrazos…

As for the times, they are details I have brought to this because they are essential to explaining what happened; the times relate to what was know-able when.

When the list was presented to individual organizers, it was not explained to be ‘private’ or ‘confidential’ in any way (common sense would say such SHOULD have been, but it wasn’t.) Others have also moved many other details from onlist into a variety of spaces both public and private.

All that said, I don’t speak for Bastard Nation. I’m writing merely as myself, based on some of what my perspective was an organizer within ARD/DAR. Actual Executive Committee members with BN no doubt have a far more detailed timeline.

The following is just was what was onlist, available to any of us from the times they were posted. Essentially, this forms the backbone of a lowest common denominator of information available to ARD/DAR original organizers.

To fully understand the impact of Ron’s proposed postponement to try again another year on many ARD/DAR organizers, readers would have to first understand that even going to the National Conference of State Legislators annual meeting had been Ron’s idea in the first place.

It was Ron who contacted some of us to work with ARD/DAR, and it was my understanding (speaking only for myself here) that he was to have been the lead organizer on ARD/DAR, yet due to his wife’s illness (among other factors) he had been unable to fully take that on. Many things got left to a less experienced organizer who initially was to been helping him. He was the seasoned activist who wanted to make this happen, further, (again speaking only for myself) he was the activist I knew. So naturally when he assessed the situation and said in essence, let’s try it again at a later date, his words carried great weight.

May 29th 2008

(all times are Eastern)

11am BB Church/Ron proposed a postponement of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration /Day for Adoptee Rights (ARD/DAR) You can see his writing from the 29th included in his June 5th blog entry.

11:13am Amyadoptee mentioned Abrazo Adoption (Associates) had a website up to raise money (around ARD/DAR)

9:41pm I requested a very basic, statement from BN for the organizers list only, as to whether BN was going forward or not, purely so other organizers could base their own decisions on whether they wanted to stay on or not with as many facts as possible. BN being on or off might be a deciding factor for some, and so I thought it was important that in light of Ron’s proposed postponement from that morning, that we hear something from BN (as they were a co-sponsor) about what Bastard Nation intended to do organizationally. I asked for such in part because knowing who was in or out would help all organizers with their own evaluation/assessment process of whether or not it made sense to go forward.

10:36pm Marley (the Executive Chair of Bastard Nation) dictated a very brief (two sentence) private statement for the ARD/DAR organizer list by phone, informing us that BN had voted to withdraw organizational support from the event.

11:14pm I said I would be holding off on my personal decision about whether or not I would continue on with ARD/DAR until after Ron’s call with Abrazo the next day.

May 30th

2:36am and again at 3:42am Marley got her first access to e-mail and sent e-mails to me, which I passed along to the list as she was unable to post to the list directly. (The times represent when the e-mails arrived on list.) The two e-mails she sent out were further clarifications of BN’s organizational decision to the organizers’ list.

11:23pm (After Ron’s call with Abrazo) I resigned and my partner, Sleeps with Bastard, and I removed ourselves from the organizers list.

June 1rst

(late Sunday night/Monday morning)

Bastard Nation’s public announcement on their withdrawal from ARD/DAR went out.

June 5th

I am unaware of when Ron ceased working the the current set of ARD/DAR organizers, but his blog statement went up on the 5th.

Between BN, myself and my partner, and Ron’s withdrawals, that represents more than half of the original organizers on the list leaving.

So yes folks, BOTH Ron’s call for postponement (based on low numbers etc) and Abrazo’s fundraising were definitely ‘in play’ BEFORE Bastard Nation withdrew.

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