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ARD- Ron’s/BBChurch’s statement

Today is a sad day for those who care about Bastard access to our unaltered Original Birth Certificates.

Ron has his statement up. He too, is no longer involved in the Day for Adoptee Rights (/Adoptee Rights Demonstration.)

Again, I advise people go read it in full.

Sadly, the fight for open records itself has also lost a great deal today. To quote Ron:

I am also announcing my retirement from “adoptee politics”, such as it is, although I will still post from time to time on on this blog on issues relating to adoptee rights.

Ron has fought for open records and been a strong voice for Late Discovery Adoptees (see his other blog, Are You Adopted, Are You Sure?) for many years now. His flashes of deep insight into adoption politics and practical wisdom will be sorely missed.

This is the legacy of ARD/DAR, some of the most brilliant people I know feeling there is no longer any way for them to work in the environment that is adoptee ‘rights’.

Here’s wishing you my best Ron, I’ve no doubt you’ll find your own place to leave your mark on this world.

The fight for Bastard dignity and equality was the better for having you beside us.

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  1. Baby Love Child Says:

    Also see Bastardette’s comments on Ron leaving.

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