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Bastard Nation’s statement on their withdrawal from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration

Bastard Nation’s statement about their withdrawal from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration is up on the BN Day for Adoptee Rights blog page.

Please read the entire statement.

For those following the details of the involvement of the Abrazo Adoption Agency in San Antonio, Texas, the BN statement includes the following:

Unknown to DAR and BN until just a few days ago, Abrazo has been raising funds for the event in DAR’s name.


These funds went and continue to go directly to the agency, raising huge ethical issues for Bastard Nation and the equal access movement. Records and identity access is about our rights and has no connection with the marketing schemes of adoption agencies. BN has a long-standing, hard-line policy of accepting no support from the adoption industry. Bastard Nation specifically, and the adoptee rights movement in generally cannot and should not be co-opted or used by the adoption industry to promote its own agenda. We disavow all industry involvement in our work. Any entanglement with the adoption industry endangers the integrity and credibility of the adoptee rights movement.

Although BN solicited funds for our specific DAR activities, the only official fundraising site for DAR is on the DAR site. Do not send funds to any other solicitor.

This speaks very specifically to some of the concerns I had which led in part to my resignation.

For further backgrounder, be sure to see these two links, and in particular the characterizations of the links, that my partner, Sleeps with Bastard, included on his blog entry, a very brief comment concerning adoption:

This is an adoption agency collecting money through a website that makes reference to an “adoptee rights demonstration.” Note on the top of the page that “donations to the cause benefit ABRAZO ADOPTION ASSOCIATES,” the agency itself.

This is a person who is subscribed to an organizer’s mailing list for that same “adoptee rights demonstration,” a list that was set up by the primary organizer of the demonstration. Here she is encouraging donors to give money to that same adoption agency.

As of the time of my resignation “amyadoptee” was still on the invite only Day for Adoptee Rights (DAR) organizers list. I am unaware of her current status/current involvement or lack thereof with DAR.

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