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My brief statement on what happened on the Adult Adoptees forum

(This is really only relevant to those on Adult Adoptees, it being a private forum, they have access to my original post reply # 69 at 5:52pm)

After posting to the “adult” adoptees forum in the thread about my resignation from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, a post in which I included the text from My partner’s Sleeps with Bastard’s post A very brief comment concerning adoption
by way of explanation for some of the factors leading to my resignation, at 6:15 I was given a warning for “attacking members” and my posting privileges were cut.

I responded to the warning (From Joy, an administrator) at 6:33 asking:

I would like to formally request you explain precisely where in the message I “attacked” a member.

If this board has a dispute process, I would like to formally contest this warning.

At 6:39 Joy, the administrator responded:

You linked Amy’s blog in a disparaging way, you are attacking Kali’s work, AND we love them here, we love them. That includes Me, Dory, Addie, Lillie and Stewie. You are disparaging and insulting the reputations of our loved ones. You are spreading nasty rumors about them. This is not acceptable

I can’t believe you don’t get this. You go on about your 2 sentences but 2 sentences are enough.

You claim you are so much better than the rest of us, so why are you slumming?

Honestly, the warning stands.

Personally, my beef is not with Gershom. Let’s make that clear from the start.

As for Amy, all I’ve ever done is link to information she herself put out on her own blog. Is it “disparaging” to show her own work on behalf of Abrazo’s fundraising, when she herself is proud of it? I think not.

Much as there are certainly more details involved here about the Abrazo fundraising, they are not public knowledge and you would have to talk with both current and former Adoptee Rights Demonstration organizers to get the full story. My partner and I have only pointed to what information is publicly available.

This is not an attack on Gershom, this is about the involvement of the agency’s (Abrazo’s) fundraising and the involvement of Amy with the agency and its fundraising, something she proudly trumpets on her on blog.

One Response to “My brief statement on what happened on the Adult Adoptees forum”

  1. Bastardette Says:

    Absolutely, BLC. I have no idea where this hatred is spewing from from and why. If one reads the actual thread, the question that pops out immediately is why are they so mad? What in the world did you do that was so wrong? Why would your simple statement of resignation set off one of the worse, if not THE worst trashing of an activist I’ve seen in my 15 years online? Why you are the target of this hate-a-thon is beyond me. This is a perfect example of why the records access has not gotten farther than it has. And for Kali, no one has attacked her or even close to it. No one that I know has a beef with her.

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