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BEA Ohio

Buckeyes for Equal Access that is.

BEA has a myspace up here. To quote just a paragraph of Bastardette’s wonderful introduction to BEA

“Anyone can become a BEA friend, but we are inviting particularly anyone with an Ohio adoption connection who believes in the unalienable right of all adoptees to their identities and public records of their births–that adopted persons are legally equal to the not-adopted. We want people who will visit, write call, fax, and email Ohio legislators and demand that adoptees be treated equally ”

I, myself am an Ohio Bastard, a Black hole Bastard to be more specific. BEA matters deeply to me.

Getting a clean bill that leaves no one behind matters deeply to me. I’m not willing to work to get my records at the cost of leaving someone else trapped in limbo. Working smart, and focusing on the genuine facets of an open records bill also matters deeply to me.

Open records are about the relation between Bastards and the State, they are not inherently about search or reunion, nor medical information, nor any of the personal aspects of what any given bastard may or may not use their own information for (just as any other, non-adopted citizen may use their own information). Open records are about equal treatment under law. They are about ending State confiscated records, and ending State created lies.

In all these aspects, I’m a strong supporter of BEA.

BEA can do it!

And it’s the only model that will- for all bastards, not just a privileged few.

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