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Ah, Adoption, land of sweetness and light, all teddy bears and candy, right?

Some days it’s just too horrific to even blog.

Thus, I begin “News”. This is the new tag I’m going to be using from time to time, you know, like when words simply fail me.

Or when I’m too busy, or disenchanted, or furious to actually blog, but media stories go by that are certainly blogworthy. I’m not going to put up tons of follow through on every single story, but they’ll provide a sampling and names and dates and the gist of some of the tales for you to begin further research on your own.

I’ll just put up at least one link to a particular media piece that tells part of the story and tag it “news”. From there, any given search engine should give you more details of how things eventually concluded, etc.

If you’re of the strong of stomach, eventually, as this collected body of work grows, you’ll be able to hit the “News’ tag in the left hand tags column and find bundles of news tidbits similar to today’s tale sharing the ‘joy’ of adoption;

Cops: Ex-Queens woman may have killed adoptee
January 10, 2008

(Judith Leekin, Shane Graham, Port St. Lucie, FL)

One Response to “Ah, Adoption, land of sweetness and light, all teddy bears and candy, right?”

  1. James R. Marsh Says:

    I’ve learned to beware of anyone who changes their name, address and identity on a frequent basis. A kid is missing for 7 or 8 years and no one knows what happened to him? No one even knows he’s missing? Talk about the culture of life . . . .

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